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DPF Cleaning

Having Your DPF/DOC Cleaned At Wieland International Is Simple, Affordable And Quick

Know the facts about DPF cleaning!

Fact: The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) on all 2007 and later engines must be cleaned at proper intervals of 200,000* miles (320,000KM or 6,500HRS) or less depending on duty cycle and manufacturers recommendations.

Fact: Many 2007 and later engines also have an Aftertreatment Fuel Injector (AFI), or doser, that is part of the exhaust system. Manufacturers recommend cleaning this component at approximately 100,000 miles (161,000KM or 3,000 Hours) to premature ash build-up in the DPF.

Fact: Left unchecked, soot and ash collected in a DPF can damage or desatroy a filter - resulting in a DPF replacement cost of $3,000 or more and unwanted, unscheduled downtime.

Fact: Our specialized equipment can thoroughly clean a DPF, restoring the engine to full power and efficiency.

Fact: DPF and DOC cleaning services are available for most makes of trucks and heavy equipment at our Wieland International locations in Saginaw, Bay City and Clare, Michigan. These services can be provided conveniently while your vehicle is in for service.

*Based on engine model/make and operating conditions

DPF Cleaning and Maintenance

Proper Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) cleaning at the recommended manufacturer intervals - and when indicated - will help your trucks run clean, run efficiently and save you money