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Ownership To Lease Transition

How can you unlock the equity that’s tied up in your truck fleet?

Idealease can help you unlock the cash that’s tied-up in your truck fleet and improve your service to your customers.

Commercial truck leasing is considered by many to be a high cost convenience. It’s not—and we can prove it! With a full service lease, your truck fleet expenses are better aligned with the cash flows produced by the trucks. And you don’t pay for the truck up front and wait years to receive the residual when you finally dispose of the vehicle.

Our Ownership Transition program will show you the true cost of truck ownership and the advantages of full service leasing. We can create a buyout/lease back program to help you transition from truck ownership to leasing.

Our responsive service will help keep your business running smoothly—allowing you to focus even more attention on serving your customers and growing your business.

Talk to Idealease—the truck leasing experts. We can show you why truck leasing is a solution you can’t afford to ignore. We will put you in the driver’s seat with facts that will help you make a better long-term financial decision for your business.

Is Ownership Transition Right For You?

If you own your vehicles outright, you can unlock the equity that’s tied up in your trucks with an Ownership Transition from Idealease.

  1. Product Determination – Review the options: A Full Service Lease, a Full Service Equity Lease, or a Dedicated Maintenance program. We make sure that you get the right Idealease product to match your requirements.
  2. Fleet Assessment – Analyze the age, size and configuration of your fleet. We can purchase your existing trucks and replace them with new vehicles, or we can purchase your existing trucks and lease them back to you.
  3. Vehicle Specifications – If replacement trucks are needed, Idealease will meet with your drivers and logistics managers to ensure we order the right trucks for your application.
  4. Customer Orientation – Once your new trucks are placed into service, we will meet with your key personnel to review our support services and answer any questions.

Ownership Transition Benefits

  • Unlock the equity in your truck fleet
  • Improved cash flow
  • Conserve credit lines
  • No down payment
  • Improved vehicle uptime
  • Guaranteed Maintenance Costs
    • Predictable maintenance parts and labor
    • Preventive maintenance
    • Predictable tire repair and replacement
  • Priority Service at more than 430 locations
  • Dedicated Priority Service bays
  • Expert technicians
  • Lock in a fair residual value
  • Built-in used truck disposal